Something Better: Vacuum Cleaners


There has been a mild discussion, perhaps debate even, if you will, in the house of Hyco recently. Our semi-acceptable vacuum divested itself of some plastic bits that turned out to be integral to its successful operation. As such, the question of what sort of new vacuum to try has come up again. […]


Something Better: In-Glass Defrosters


The problem with starting a new feature during a new year, like, just hypothetically, running a sort of themed post on the first weekend of the month, is that when the first weekend of the month rolls around, you actually have to remember to post that. Which I did not last week, making […]


Something Better: Microwaves


Cook thoroughly. Keep frozen. For food safety and quality, follow these cooking instructions. Microwave Oven (Time and temperature settings may vary due to differences in your particular oven or microwave. Always cook this product to 160 degrees F prior to serving): 1. Remove burrito from package. 2. Place in paper towel on a […]


Why Hasn’t Anyone Come Up With Something Better?


Welcome to the first weekend of the new year! As a little something new for the new year, I am going to try to use the first weekend of the month for something just a little different than the What Ever Became of posts that you all know and love to start your […]