A-T Technology Death Pool

A-T Technology Death Pool

“Way back on the 2nd of January, 2012 AD, we asked you to try and predict what technologies would find their final resting place this that year.” As far as I can tell from a few minutes of thorough research, that 2012 Death Pool posted by engineerd™ was the last time we asked […]


Startup: Commitment to Failure

In CardboardTube‘s article on music reproduction yesterday, OA5599 reminded me of a medium I had completely forgotten about, which always seemed like it was on the cusp of taking off, but never actually succeeded: MiniDisc.

If there was ever an archetypal example of the results of Sony’s stubborn insistence on a proprietary […]


Shutdown: The Power of Leadership

It's like a PVR, only less reliable, lower quality, and harder to program!

You hear a lot of advertisers bragging about a company being the leader in their industry, or how a certain product is the leader in its respective field. We, as obedient sheep, take this to mean that it’s a great […]