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User Input: The First Hit Is Free

He seems friendly!

Back when I was just a wee Deartháirling, my parents decided of their own volition that we needed a computer. I certainly wasn’t going to complain, but I didn’t really understand their motivation. Didn’t they know that computers were for video games? Those same video games that they had said […]

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User Input: Control Or Absence Thereof

"Who knew 'X-Treme Knitting' could be so much fun!?"

I’ve recently managed to get myself quite horribly addicted to Gran Turismo 5, which is, as it turns out, quite an educational game. I have learned quite a few things from this game, not the least of which is the simple fact that I’m […]

Old School Gaming

Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 25 Today

Image via Flickr 25 years ago today, the parents of many lucky children were purchasing the new Nintendo Entertainment System from NY FAO Schwartz, in all of its 8-bit glory. Continue reading Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 25 Today