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Forked-Tail Doctor Killer: The Beechcraft Bonanza


At the end of WW2 men who had been trained by our nation’s military to fly wanted to continue flying as a hobby. As they found employment and disposable income they began buying aircraft. Two companies saw the coming general aviation boom and prepared for it. Cessna built their Model 195, which was basically a continuation of their pre-war designs. It had a high wing, tailwheel design a radial engine. Beechcraft, on the other hand, designed an all new plane with a metal low-wing, monoplane design using Continental’s E-185 horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, and retractable landing gear.

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Airborne Awesomosity

Beechcraft Starship: Composite Complexity

When you leave the final design of an aircraft up to Scaled Composites, you’re going to wind up with something revolutionary. That’s exactly what Beechcraft did with the their planned replacement for the King Air. Unfortunately, revolutions are often costly and short lived.
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