Startup: I’m Not Sure What This Is

If only there was a name for something like this. It’s right there on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite think of it.



Startup: Star Wars Weather

Tired of trying to interpret the meaning of your local weather report? What exactly do they mean by “intermittent”, “high pressure system”, and “stockpile non-perishables”? Well now you can get your weather as it compares to a reference you understand: Star Wars. Check out Tom Scott’s Star Wars Weather Forecast and you can […]


Startup: Meanwhile, In India

It may not move fast, but it’s got plenty of trunk space.


Startup: It’s Not Just Junk, It’s Crap

You know all those “save the world” electronics recycling programs that started up? Well, this is actually the first step. Hell bent on taking over the world with their robot army, legions of confused nerd hippie engineer tree huggers need to feed all those angry androids something, so your old PS2’s and iPhone […]


Startup: And Thus The Twain Shall Meet

That’s none other than Mark Twain, amusing himself with one of Nicola Tesla’s technological marvels. Tesla himself can be seen in the background, inventing the world’s first photobomb.


Startup: It’s A Little Cheesy, But Why Not

Those other cheese deconstructors always left me feeling like a square. Now I can properly rock it and feel gouda.

Yeah I’m done.



Startup: Deskzilla!

The people of Papercliptown were eaten in their sleep, and Post-It City was completely decimated. Though tragic, the citizens of Too Much Spare Time at the Office had warned them for months that this was coming.



Startup: You Can Eat It With Your Hans

Little known fact: “carbonite” means “chocolate” in the Old Tongue. Jabba wasn’t always that fat.



Startup: Explain It To The Kids

Where computers come from. Evolution does the rest.



Startup: LOST, for IT Geeks

Once again I offer humor that may only resonate with a certain subset of the geek world, but this is (to me) hilarious.

“Hey Ed, I’ve lost a server.”

“Did the hard drive crash?”

“No, I mean it’s lost. It’s still running, still responds to ping, and is still providing client service – […]