Shutdown: Ad Birds

Somewhat predictably, about 10 minutes later you could still read the outline of the letters in the square, in a substance certainly related to the pigeons.

Image via the Green Box.


Shutdown: Depths of Fashion

My favorite is the steel barrel with the bare sleeves!

Image via carabaas.


Shutdown: Not a Fanboi

Someone clearly only likes one of their new toys.

Image via highpowerrocketry.


Shutdown: Gif Week

Welcome to Gif Week, an unofficial celebration that is simply the week where I happened upon five military weapon related gifs. Since there happen to be five Shutdowns in the week, what could we do but end with one a day?!

Gif via highpowerrocketry.


Shutdown: Hydrant Hydra

The multi-headed hydrant was always a popular stop for the loyal dog walkers.

Image via

Airborne Awesomosity

Betting Man

Last week marked 58 years since a relatively unknown yet undoubtedly impressive stunt was pulled off in New York City (and this week is 56 years since it was pulled off again, but we’ll get to that momentarily). On the late evening of September 30, 1956, the young Thomas Fitzpatrick, whilst enjoying some […]

Reluctantly Relevant

What’s Happening in the Lab


Good Tuesday to you all, and welcome back to work! I am sure most of you went in to your place of work yesterday, but I’d wager many of you were feeling like me and just skating by, trying to make it through the day without doing anything. Since Tuesday is the back to work day, when we all try to get something done before the idea of the coming weekend distracts us, and yet still most likely none of us really want to be working, perhaps we should check what’s happening in the lab. I mean, of course, the illustrious Muppet Labs, run by the esteemed Dr. Bunsen, ably aided by his assistant Beaker! These sketches made an appearance in all five seasons of The Muppet Show, and in the interest of improving your day, thanks to, click here to find a link to not only a list of every episode with a summary of the tale told inside, but also a link to a clip of each sketch! A sample of what you will find lies after the jump!

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Deconstructing Technology

Secrets Revealed


The Magic Eight Ball is a wonder of wonders, a see-er of seers! But have you ever been the least bit curious how it works? Or what the frequency of positive versus negative answers are? If you harbor no such curiosity, and prefer your spoilers unspoiled, then I would suggest you not hit the jump…


Invented by Albert Carter, the first versions of his future telling device were simple tubes, decorated with mystical promises! Later versions had the look of a crystal ball, for enhanced mysticism. He partnered with Abe Bookman to mass produce this device, but Carter passed away before seeing his product sold to the world. The company they formed, Alabe Crafts, did begin to market the device, and was approached by Brunswick Billiards in 1950 and asked to convert some of the crystal ball style seers into billiards balls for advertising. The powers of the Eight Ball were such that it remains with us today. There is even a digital eight ball, for those who don’t care to venture out into meat space!

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Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


It is really quite amazing the sheen variety of goods that someone can acquire and then not be able to get rid of, and decide to hand out free. Here at AT, we like to start our Sunday mornings out taking a look at such free items from online classifieds like the Craigslist, especially that stuff that is bits of obscure technology. But especially items that are just completely out there that you never would have expected, and our big winner found just such a thing. Or well, things, whatever, hit the jump and check it out!

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Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


It is time again to take a look at some of the glorious free old-tech swag available on the webs! Go onto your favorite local online or print classifieds, or just drive down the street in the evening after garage sale time, and see what sort of quality merchandise is being given away free. Then share woth all of us in the comments!

Last week was a little slow, so I thought today I would share a few things that have recently come up in my neck of the woods!

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