Startup: Last Minute Gift Idea 2

Yesterday we saw Portal earrings for her. This one is more for him, but I’m sure it’s something you can both enjoy. Also, if the world is going to end today, this is a fantastic way to make your heart explode before you die of burning […]


Toilet bike, because suddenly everything stopped making sense…

Last night behind the scenes we here at Atomic Toasters had a little discussion about the sniffles.

It seems ‘ol Techie has been feeling a little under the weather, as are several other of our contributors. Super-Spouse and myself both woke up yesterday feeling a little worse for wear, and when she came home from work she stumbled in the door looking tinier than usual saying “Hrrrmmm… I’m sick”.

Uh oh, this woman never says she feels sick.

So being Mr dutiful awesome guy I volunteered to make her some grilled cheese sandwiches and my signature spicy tomato-bacon soup while she curled up on the couch under a blanket. My turn to take care of her…

…thus beginning what would become a series of trials and tribulations for the evening. Continue reading Toilet bike, because suddenly everything stopped making sense…