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The Cold War That Wasn’t – The Convair YB-60

When I grow up I'm gonna ride a nuke from your bomb bay down onto the ground

A young “cowboy”, the son of a member of the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California, looks over the Convair built YB-60 during its visit at Edwards from the Fort Worth, Texas, plant. 1953 – From Wikipedia

The early Cold War years were a time of experimentation and discovery. You know like your college years. It was also a time when companies just tried to extend the lives of their older aircraft or threw some incredibly oddball stuff out there in hopes it would work. These are their stories.

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Startdown: Cool Treads

The B-36 originally was built with ginormous single wheeled landing gear, like over 9 feet diameter tires, which as you might imagine didn’t make for much of a distributed load. The solution ended up being a four wheeled gear system, with the load being spread between the four tires on each […]

Deconstructing Technology

Technology Flow


Technology comes and goes, and sometimes a product or tool or super-mega-future bomber lasts only a few years before it gets eclipsed by the next big thing. Last week, in a sort of round about discussion* about post ideas and spam, skitter and I kicked around the idea of new technology as a rebuttal of existing technology, with the initial thought a focus on changes from bombers to ICBMs. Then it occurred to me, there is also the opportunity to refute the argument entirely, and say the more things change, the more they stay the same. Are the strategic long range B-2s of today really all that different than the strategic long range B-36s of yore? Evolution of technology of revolution? Let us know your thoughts, perhaps we can stimulate a little weekend discussion! To help get those intemperate thoughts in the right frame of reference, hit the just an enjoy some classic Convair B-36 Peacemaker footage from the classic film Strategic Air Command!

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Shutdown: America!

World’s largest warplane. What more must I say?

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