User Input

User Input: Playing With My Tool(s)

I realized a short while ago that I was avoiding undertaking some minor repair jobs myself, considering hiring someone to do them instead, for the simple reason that my various collections of tools are a hodge-podge of pieces randomly stuffed together. Some of the tool kits I’ve carted around over the years are […]

User Input

User Input: Tool Joy

As spring seems to be reluctantly dragging itself towards us — although it’s currently snowing again outside my window as I write this — I decided it was finally time to swap my winter wheels and tires for my summers. In the past, this would have involved loading them all into the car […]


AtomicToasters Wants YOU!

The AtomicToasters Editorial Team hard at work…

As you may have noticed, AtomicToasters is growing; we’re beyond thrilled with this, as it’s so rewarding to see that our weird little corner of the internet has proven interesting to so many people, with more showing up every week. We’ve discussed it a few times […]

Hack-It-Yerself, Startup

Startup: MORE Creative Uses For PVC!

Complete with duct tape and PVC paddles!

Remember how yesterday I said it was dangerous to do a Google image search for “PVC” with SafeSearch turned off? Yeah. Here’s why. I may have stumbled across a new project.

The completed skeleton, sans skin.

This fellow and his son decided they wanted to […]


Startup: Serving Wine Under Fire

If this knife doesn't have the tool you're looking for, you don't actually need it.

There are any number of jokes involving the famous Swiss Army Knives. Robin Williams famously mused about the military capabilities of any army whose standard-issue knives include a corkscrew for opening a bottle of wine. Of course, the […]


Startup: Multi-Function Failure

There is a universal truth about any tool that is designed to fulfill a multitude of functions: it will pretty much never fulfill any of those functions as well as a tool designed specifically for the task, and what it gains in convenience it will usually sacrifice in a string of swearwords […]