Startup: Monaco’s Open Air Cinema

Yesterday, engineerd™ talked about the first “for talkies” theatre on Catalina Island which reminded me of this fantastic place. A few years back I spent a couple of weeks in Monaco, and after taking in the prince’s palace and the famous Oceanographic Museum, I caught a movie in this former rose garden. Located on […]

User Input

User Input: Foot-Based Technology

Occasional Toasterite Ben Wojdyla posted the above photo on Facebook recently; I think we were all amazed at the enthusiastic response it drew. When we think about it, though, it’s not all that surprising. There’s a whole lot of technology in shoes, all designed to keep you comfortable. And since comfort is such […]

User Input

User Input: Community Support

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY– wait… Free??

I’m sidetracking User Input for some super-important and top-secret site business… that’s posted right here on the main page for everyone to see. This is why I don’t work in espionage. Also because I couldn’t resist playing with the exploding pens.

We’re looking at the possibility […]