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Bang. Zoom. Straight to the Moon.

In the heady days of early space exploration, NASA was in the business of expanding the world of man out into the solar system. The Moon was going to be the first step in a grand adventure to get to other planets, and then beyond. They knew that the powerful rockets they were currently building were not really suited for this interplanetary travel, and so began an ambitious program to develop better alternatives. Nuclear rockets were the answer, and Harold B. Finger was the man to make it happen.

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Atomic Awesome

America’s Secret Government Town Part Deux

Construction of the K-25 Plant with one of the original homes in the area.

Within 3 years, the government had built a bustling city. One that technically didn’t exist, yet was important to our understanding of the atom. Technically called the Clinton Engineer Works, the name Oak Ridge was chosen in 1943 to give the town a more civilian sounding name.
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Atomic Awesome

America’s Secret Government Town

In east Tennessee is the idyllic town you see above. It looks like any other small town in America. In 1945 it had a population of 75,000. Ten schools fed children’s brains. Seventeen restaurants and thirteen supermarkets fed their bellies. A library, churches, parks, sporting facilities adn even a symphony orchestra make it hard to distinguish from any other small town. Except for one big thing.
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Startup: Slick Inventions

This is thread seal tape – created as a replacement for pipe dope to help seal and lubricate threaded pipes in plumbing. Keeps ’em water tight, but still easy to open. How? Because it’s coated (like so many things) in Teflon. Polytetrafloroethylene (PTFE), like many great inventions, was accidentally created. In 1938 DuPont was […]

User Input

User Input: The Hard Candy Shell

It's nice, but it's been done. Surely I can get more creative than that!

Now that my Hackintosh home-built computer project is complete, and went quite swimmingly well, I’ve started to look a little differently at the Mac Mini that it is replacing. There’s nothing wrong with it, and in fact it works […]