Startdown: Other AT-ATs


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That Moment When…

…you realize your entire childhood could have been much cooler.

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Shutdown: Believe

The truth is out there!

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User Input: Shared Geekery

What family would be complete without some creepy voyeur snapping photos?

Today is Family Day here in Oilberta, a holiday dedicated to taking some time away from work and spending it with our families. As far as I can tell, every Toasterite involved is celebrating this holiday at work. The holiday does not […]


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Military-Grade Awesome, Moments in History

Track and watch the USS Iowa on her final voyage!

The Iowa dwarfs the shipyard cranes that inspired the Starwars AT-AT transports on a last night of rest before her final journey

(UPDATE: The tow has been delayed on a day-by-day basis due to a storms system off the California coast that would make the tow dangerous)

This afternoon (20MAY2012) at 12Pm PST (DELAYED), the last Battleship USS Iowa BB-61 is scheduled to depart her temporary berth in the Richmond California shipyard and begin making her way south enroute to her new home at the Port of Los Angeles to become a floating museum.

This marks what may well become her last voyage at sea for the old warrior, and possibly the last “at-sea” for a battleship of any kind.

AND, thanks to the power of the intertubes and the kind people at you can track the Iowa in real time on her voyage! Continue reading Track and watch the USS Iowa on her final voyage!




 Honey? The AT-AT wants to out again…


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User Input: Holiday Confessions

"Say what you like about the Empire, these things are delicious."

There’s no sense denying it now. The holiday season is upon us, whether we like it or not. Stores are slowly filling with shoppers — although not as enthusiastically as I’ve seen it in previous years — and everyone is dragging out […]