Space Tomato

This tomato was cruising at about 4.8 miles per second approximately 230 miles above the surface of the earth. Then Astronaut Koichi Wakata of JAXA ate it. Even astronauts tweet pics of their food. Their backdrop is just more impressive than my dining room table.

[Image Credit: Koichi […]


Real Chariots of Fire

1st & last Mission Patches, flanking the Shuttle's own Patch

I wrote this nearly a year ago, as a comment to an article on our sister site Hooniverse. I re-post it here, writing as I watch the last de-orbit burn and landing of the final mission.

I spent the past several years trying to find the video I mentioned, but was unable to locate it. Thus, I decided to make my own. I hope that it touches you as much it did me. Continue reading Real Chariots of Fire

Holiday Shenanigans, Spaceheads

A “Major” Christmas Eve Tradition

I grew up in the heady days of the space race, and during my “aerospace infatuation” era (roughly ages 5-15), no doll action figure was as impossibly cool as Major Matt Mason. He flew in space (very cool). He wore very believable space garb (very cool). He met …alien friends? (okay — not so believable, thus not so cool, but whatever.) Not only were Major Matt Mason toys one of my Christmas gift request staples for at least a three or four year period, but he became an annual symbol of family Christmas memories long after the last Saturn V blasted off from the Cape.
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