Startup: New Smiley Predates The Smiley!

Most computer nerds know the story of how the smiley was invented on the CMU digital bulletin board in 1982. If you don’t, you can find it here. tl;dr – People started to confuse which posts were serious, and which were sarcastic, so someone suggested a :-) in the subject line for clarity.

But […]

User Input

User Input: 5@1\/4|]0r |]h41i3

The best thing about art is that no matter how obscure, pointless, profane, or crazy something is – its existence can be justified by labeling it art. Combine that with the ingenuity of geeks and  Rule 37 has never been broken. Back in the days when people used terminals instead of terminal emulators, and well into the days of terminal emulators, the lack of graphic capabilities on displays was no match for the graphic minds of the geeks who needed to make sure that the earliest form of the Internet was not devoid of an obligatory set of pornography. Thus we have ASCII Art. I believe Jean-Luc Picard said it best when he said: Continue reading User Input: 5@1\/4|]0r |]h41i3