Old School Gaming

Play a Mean Pin Ball

Pinball! Truly, it has to be a lost gaming art. My primary experience with pinball was the old XP 3-D Pinball, which I was about as good at as real pinball, which is to say not very. At least it did not cost any quarters, and was a means to wile away the slow moments at work. Since pinball is still celebrated in some parts, lets watch¹ a little salute to some sweet machines from not so long ago!

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Quarters Down the Drain

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How many have you played, and what was the monetary damage?


Image from nerdcore.


Play Galaga All Day


Sure, you can probably find an old arcade game machine on eBay to overpay for and put down in the basement to relive your formative teenage years, but how will you fix it should something break? Check out these old game machine manuals, and maybe they can be of some help!

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