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User Input: Needy Appliances

You don’t appreciate them until they’re gone.

Good morning everyone.

About a month ago, I went to warm up a cup of coffee in our new-ish (about 6 months old) microwave, and after pressing the “start” button, instead of the hum of RF radiation being emitted, there was a sudden loud buzzing sound, […]


Startup: Dr. Evil’s Fan

There are two possibilities here: either this air conditioner was commissioned by a super villain; or, a copy writer was extremely bored at work and his editor is either lazy, or more likely doesn’t exist. Citing Occam’s razor, the super villian explanation took fewer words; therefore, it is the simpler explanation; therefore, is the […]

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User Input: Still Looking For Work

His problem wasn't reliability. It was the intrepid geek.

Thanks to Alff for today’s question.

We all remember the old Maytag commercials featuring WKRP in Cincinnati’s Gordon Jump. The idea was that their washer’s were so reliable that he never worked. It might be that the geek factor and the male need to […]

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User Input: Too Obvious

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