Startup: Stop Motion Engine Rebuild

What started out as an engine rebuild turned into something else completely. After buying an engine off ebay, this guy had the foresight to take pictures of the engine as he disassembled it to make sure he could put it back together again. Then he realized it would also make for a great stop motion animation. 11 months later, he had a video to share. Be sure to watch all the way to the horrifying end. Video after the jump.

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Startup: Luxo Jr.

It’s not just about getting into costume, it’s also about getting into character! Unfortunately for this guy, someone shortly thereafter got into character as a Disney/Pixar lawyer and sued him into the stone age.


Startup: The Evolution of Man

I for one am looking forward to the final outcome. Sure, we’ll all be human beachballs, but that would make me the thin one. Plus, living on the Buy’N’Large Axiom Starliner actually looks like it would be pretty cool.


Startup: A Sequel We Can Get Behind


My nephews love Spiderman, they have costumes and everything. That’s OK, because they’re 3 and 5 years old. I watched Spiderman as a kid on Saturday mornings. It’s a great concept, a nice set of villains, and good fun. But I think the point have been proven that live action movie versions are done. […]


Startup: Your Brain Is Lying To You

Which way is she spinning? Clockwise? Counter-Clockwise? Back and forth? The answer is “yes.”

The picture doesn’t contain enough information to tell for sure. (It’s actually made to deliberately hide the necessary clues.) So your brain will just invent information and fill in the blanks to prevent you from having a massive aneurism and […]


Startup: Rescued From The Ashes 2 – Wedding Vows

Well here it is again, another golden gem from Bandwidth Theater. This one is a little more personal, but due to popular request, I decided to run it. I hope that satisfies all one of you that asked. As usual, Lore Sjöberg, we do this as a tribute to your work. Let us […]


Startup: Rescued from the Ashes

Back in Web 1.0, we didn’t have all these social fluff sites to occupy our time. No-sir-ee, all we had was academia, awkward attempts at brands to leverage this web thing, and true original humor sites. One of my old favorites was The Brunching Shuttlecocks, and their offshoot: Bandwidth Theater. Before broadband, when […]