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User Input: Traditional Technology

So… the Pope quit.

Yeah, I know, I’m as shocked and flabbergasted as the rest of you, and the world’s news media. It is a remarkable time, particularly since this is the first time a Pope has voluntarily quit since Pope Celestine V in the late 1200’s. And, in these increasingly secular times, […]

Genius Innovators

Refrigeration in 400 BC

By 400 BC, Persian engineers had devised a way to store ice year round for keeping the royalties tasty treats. Called a yakhchal (Gesundheit!), these structures were made of a mixture of sand, clay, egg whites, lime, goat hair, and ash in specific proportions. This mortar was a very good insulator. A series […]

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A few weeks ago one of our readers made an off-hand comment about language being technology and I’ve been thinking about that periodically since then. This is a level of discourse that I can get behind because I’m frankly not much of a techie. I tend to buy an electronic device, take it home, […]


Startup: Big Stone Markers

Church, temple, alien aerodrome, or prehistoric calendar?

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year… and man, did it ever feel like it. Traditionally, the Solstice has been a very significant day in pagan religions, and there are monuments surrounding the globe that were used to mark this day with […]


Startup: Medieval Missiles

This LEGO crossbow is almost unrelated to the article, except that it's a freakin' LEGO crossbow! How cool is that!?

In our modern era, we like to believe ourselves significantly more advanced than any civilization that came before us. We are right, of course, as no previous civilization had internet pornography on a […]