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User Input: Professional Shearing

Tell me you wouldn’t go there.

I’ve spoken before about my love for a straight-razor shave. It’s getting to be that time of year again — I try and get one twice a year — and I’m looking forward to it, probably more than I should be. Since I talked about it before, […]


Startup: A Worthwhile Anachronism

A half-hour of your life you will never regret.

One indulgence I cannot help but partake in whenever I get the opportunity is that of a straight-razor shave at a barber shop. Or, better still, the “hot lather” variation on the same theme. For anyone who has never partaken of this tradition, I strongly suggest that you do so at your earliest opportunity. I’d wait while you went and did so now, but it is a dying tradition, and one of which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a practitioner.

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User Input: They Blindsided Me With Science

In the foreword to the 20th anniversary edition of Neuromancer, author William Gibson lambastes himself for failing to anticipate the omnipresence of the cell phone in the future. His books, which are set in a time very near to now, still see payphones in heavy use. At the time of writing, cell phones […]