Startup: Corona Directional Antenna

I would normally mock people for such things, but the sad truth is that this would actually work.



Startup: Damned Lies

57% of original game boy users are alcoholics, but 99% of all retro game boy users who play ironically are douchebags. True fact.



Startup: M113 Bar Counter

All you need is a spare M113 and an angle grinder. And paint. And wood. And a beer tap. Don’t forget to put the tread back on or it just doesn’t look as cool.



Startup: Slow Invasion

When I was in high school, there was a new twist on an old saying: The geek shall inherit the Earth. Verily the slow invasion began. No tanks, no guns, no organized legion more significant than a Star Trek convention. Now we’ve taken over the neighborhood pub. Roll for […]


Startup: Optimus Wine

In case you missed it on Craiglist last month, a used car salesman from Phoenix decided that the best way to get top dollar for some old car and motorcycle parts was to build the creepiest, ugliest wine rack known to man. It’s also very cool because of the whole killer robot that will eat your face thing. Holds 32 bottles of wine and can be yours for the low low price of seven thousand dollars. I say give it a couple of months and Ikea will have the same thing in birch for $99. More pics after the jump.

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Startup: Even Better Than Recycling

OK I’m confused… did he not drink the beer, thus leaving him skilled and clear-headed enough to build it? Or did he, in fact, drink the beer (and it’s brothers) thus giving him the correct combination of bored and intoxicated to think, “Hey, with a little farting around, I bet I could make this […]


Startup: Fighting Gravity

My friend Simon provided me with this vacation photo of Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel. Of course I had no idea what it was, so in a moment of Scottish pride, he filled me in. The water passage from Glasgow to Eidenburgh has a vertical rise of over 100 feet, and was connected through a series of 11 locks. By the 1930’s they were no longer used and filled in, but at the turn of the century it was decided to create a new modern landmark to re-open the waterway. The answer was this structure (the top of which is visible over the visitor’s centre in the photo), where a movable chunk of canal is suspended in the middle of giant gears. A barge can enter both the top and bottom simultaneously, then the entire structure spins 180 degrees to move them 79 vertical feet to the next waterway. With the trip up and trip down happening simultaneously, the wheel acts as his own counter-balance. Thanks to the Archimedes principle – whereby a floating object displaces its own weight in water – both sides remain a perfectly balanced equal load whether a boat is present or not. Hit the jump for a short time lapse of the wheel in action.

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User Input

User Input: Sealed For Your Protection

Shortly, I will be celebrating International Beer Day with Deartháir. It will mostly consist of us seeing who can be more ornery for a couple of hours; a competition that will be both lose when CaffeineFueled cuts us both down with a mere six well chosen words. Now if we’re going to be drinking […]