Idiotic or Inspired?

The Most Evil Invention Ever

That’s it, right up there. The alarm clock. Hideous, evil device. According to legend, Plato had a large water clock rigged up with an alarm function similar to a water organ that would signal the beginning of his dawn lectures. In case you’re not so good with the history, that means the alarm […]

User Input

User Input: Just Nine More Minutes!

Dogs do not have a 9-minute delay.

I really, really didn’t want to get up this morning. I had two purring kittens curled up with me, I was warm, I was comfortable, and I was having a very nice dream involving Scarlett Johansson, a bubble bath, a diving board and a trapeze. As […]

User Input

User Input: Annoying Convenience

I think my alarm clock is afraid of me.

I’ve been growing quite annoyed with my work computer of late. As someone used to the Mac realm — and let’s not start a Mac vs. PC war here — I’m not used to the way that the Windows computer notifies you when updates […]