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Recombobulation Area

After passing through airport security theater, you may be feeling a bit…discombobulated. Well, George Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee has found a solution.

Ed. Hat tip to reader Batshitbox for sending in the photo!

[Image Credit: Lydia Rabon]

User Input

User Input: The Illusion of Security

I’m travelling today, so I have the glamourous experience of having a sullen security officer poke and prod at me, and then rummage through my man-purse trying to find my hidden flask. I find the whole experience amazingly tedious, because my analytical side points out how flawed the process is, and my history […]

Airborne Awesomosity, Startup

Startup: Buy Me Dinner First!

Oh boy! The rubber glove treatment!

I’m travelling this morning, and the simple act of going through an airport security screening never ceases to make me laugh. Simply put, in the morning, I will be flying out of a major international airport. This means I will have heavy security screening, and will be […]