Startup: Wolf Whistle At The Sky

Perhaps one of our more aeronautically inclined readers or editors can tell me what kind of plane that is. All I know is that’s one sexy paint job.



Startup: Extra Long Field Trip

I am having trouble imagining any way this could ever possibly go wrong. Kids, make sure your parents sign that waiver in triplicate, or you can’t go.

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Flying High On This Memorial Day

Blue Angels over Niagra Falls


On this Memorial Day let’s spend some time with the pride of the US Air Force and US Navy.


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Moments in History

Abandoned Catalina

On the coast of northwestern Saudi Arabia sits the rotting carcass of a PBY-5A Catalina sea plane. While the photos are interesting, the story of how it got there is even moreso.
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First Person View flying, the ultimate RC plane.

As long as I can remember I have dreamed of making an RC plane just big enough to strap myself into. This probably had its genesis back in a chance encounter I had as a small child with some dudes and their giant RC aircraft at a local park. As I sat there staring at the beautiful huge red toy one of them joked “Wanna go for a ride?”

“Can I?!?!?”

“No. Not really, that would be a bad idea.” came the soul crushing answer. Indeed, although it looked almost big enough, the plane crunched into the ground shortly thereafter – which kinda highlighted a few inherent issues with strapping a small child into an unmanned flying toy. Continue reading First Person View flying, the ultimate RC plane.

User Input

User Input: Up, Up And Away!

This is the photo for the Kijiji ad I'm talking myself out of.

The article from engineerd yesterday about the gyrocopter really got my imagination going. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of ultralight aircraft for years, and looking at that dangerous little beast, held aloft by black magic and Volkswagen, really got […]

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Startup: Fuel From Above

Mid-Air Refueling, June 27, 1923.

Yesterday we got a little sidetracked in celebrating Sparky’s awesome accomplishment, but it was a significant milestone for those of us who marvel at aviation technology and things in general that whirr and beep and have blinky lights. Yesterday, June 27th, was the 88th anniversary of the first […]

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“Arguably the Most Unstable Aircraft Man Had Ever Flown”

And possibly the ugliest, to boot. Looking more like an origami beluga whale than an aircraft, Tacit Blue was one of the most bizarre technology demonstrators ever to take flight, but proved the technologies it pioneered.

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It Worked For Lindbergh: The Blind Sukhoi T-4

Hey, if Charles Lindbergh could cross the Atlantic in a primitive aircraft with no provision for forward vision, who’s to say you can’t cruise at Mach 3 without a windshield? Meet the Sukhoi T-4, simultaneously one of the most original, derivative, and bizarre Soviet X-planes.

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