User Input

User Input: Definitions of Success

Actually, she's calling down to the engine room to ask for more power.

When I was a young lad, still trying to figure out how the world worked, I gradually started to latch on to certain objects, items or gadgets as an identifier of a successful person. Obviously vehicles were one glaring example, […]

The Style of Technology, Vintage Advertisements

Talk Dirty to Me

I've always wanted a sensual experience when I call for a pizza.

Juno famously had her hamburger phone. But if you catch a DirecTV ad with an opulent Russian fellow and think, “hey, when’d they break into my mansion?” you’re going to need a more exotic novelty communications device than that. To give an indication of what I’m talking about, the screenshot above is the only safe-for-work part of the ad. Click through to see the rest. NSFW, unless your boss is Gordon Gecko.

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