Want to get in on our kick-ass AtomicToasters merchandise? Use our pre-order form below, and with any luck they’ll be shipping in no time flat!

Yes, it’s a bit simplistic at the moment, but at least it’ll get the ball rolling properly. Please, don’t just pre-order to show support. We’ll be contacting you shortly once we have production lined up to request payment, and we’ll be placing orders based on all the responses we get, on the faith that our awesome commenters will follow through on their word.

Use the “comments” field to indicate which T-shirt you want, and what size you’ll need, or, ideally, how many dozens of each you’d like to purchase. We’ll keep posting details as we get them; our expectation is a cost of about $19 right now, plus shipping charges. At that price, we should be safe for any volume. The more we order, obviously, the cheaper it gets!