Silly Putty!

sillyputty 1
One fun thing about having kids is that you have an excuse to play with all the cool things that you had as a kids, sort of reliving old glories.  Silly Putty is definitely one of those things, although I will say it is a little harder top dig up a set of funny pages to pry the image off of these days.  Still, it is just as stretching and bouncy and weird as ever! Did you ever wonder just where it came from?  Wonder no more!  Check out this old write up on the miracle goo, via Modern Mechanix!

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A Moment of Mandelbulber

Greetings, everyone.

I was bored last night and started poking around in the intertubes, when I came across the above HD video. I was intrigued, because I used to play around with and write Mandelbrot software many years ago, on what are now considered hideously slow PCs. Anyway, this fractal is unlike any […]


Favorite Childhood Nightmares – The Himalaya

I have a love/hate relationship with the Himalaya.

I’ll never forget when it first came to our little county’s fair and carnival, with its flashing lights and small passenger cars screaming around on a big hilly circle, loud speakers overhead blaring The Cars, DSOTM and Blondie, and a siren wailing as the cars and passengers screamed faster and faster. And then just when you thought it was over the whole thing came to a stop and went backwards! I absolutely HAD to go on this ride. I eagerly stood in line with my streams of red ride-tickets waiting, scared and excited.

Alas, I was thwarted by the evilest of all carnies, the “You must be THIS tall” troll.

(This post started off as a simple reply to TechieInHell’s question “What’s the best carnival ride?” on his earlier post The-danger-is-fake-the-vomit-is-real, but it quickly spiraled out of control as I recalled the county fair of my youth, and grew into a separate post. Read along if you dare, with this diatribe on “The summer I got my wish”.) Continue reading Favorite Childhood Nightmares – The Himalaya

Go-Fast Technology, Wheeee!!

Hydraulic Face Removal

At this point in the ride, unless you’re at the very top, you just pray that nobody vomits.

Roller Coasters used to come in 2 flavors, Wood and Steel. Both use gravity to pull the ride throughout the layout and for many years after they were introduced were all the same. Up the hill, slowly being

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pulled by a heavy, inefficient chain where it was released to travel the length of it layout. Top Thrill Dragster, at Cedar Point uses gravity, but only for the latter half of the ride. The first half of this 30 second ride uses kinetic energy to get the trains down 480 feet of track and up a ridiculous 420’ hill. Continue reading Hydraulic Face Removal

Atomic Hangovers, Wheeee!!

In case you missed it


Yesterday, commentator extraordinair OA5599 left us this juicy little tidbit in response to Friday’s post “Plasma Tweeters”.

<stunned silence>

The force is strong in this one…


Igor! Throw the Switch!


The video description says it all: “A high-voltage arc caused by a 500KV Switch opening up in the Nevada Desert. An enormous Jacob’s Ladder.”




And “WOOT!”

(Reminds me of that one time I electrocuted my sister…)


Why Yellow?

Before 1960, New York’s taxis were known by their livery. There were the Yellow Cabs, the Checkers, the Red and Whites, etc. However, in the 1960s that all changed. An illegal cottage industry had taken root in the City by the 1960s where non-medallion (unlicensed for taxi) drivers were operating taxi services to […]

Startup, Wheeee!!

Startup: Hey Kids, Take a Ride in a Space Capsule!

Come with me, on a journey to the stars…(click for high-res)

No idea where this originally came from (other than the excellent design blog Phil Are Go!), but I think somebody’s taking the piss here. In their space suit. Though I certainly want a space capsule filled with deli meats.

Remember: […]


Need to get away?


Try the Fulton Surface-to-Air Recovery System! (STARS)

Also known as Skyhook, this real life extraction technology was featured in the ending of the 1965 James Bond flick “Thunderball” starring good ol Sean Connery, and using an actual CIA Fulton equipped B-17 known affectionately as Evergreen International.

An early concept tested by the […]