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Just like RPGs, your party is brainless, heartless, and cowardly.

Still need to try this with Dark Side Of The Moon.

My mom looked forward to the Wizard of Oz coming on TV once a year, never knowing that the land of Oz changed to color, because they only rented a color TV once a year for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I came along well after VHS defeated Betamax. She would tape Sesame Street to play on Saturdays, because I didn’t understand weekend TV schedules. It was no use arguing with me.
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Romantic Saturday


A good Saturday morning to you all–at least if you live west of the Mississippi. It is a little slow going here at the house of Hyco, not because of any sort of excesses yesterday, just the simple fact that I am not used to staying out past 10, and last night I was, to watch the fancy fireworks. Math based fiction may not be exactly common, depending on the sort of fiction you prefer, but today we have a little tale based basically in simple mathematics.

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Saturday Sorcery


Ever hear the expression about the square peg in the round hole? Well, in this video of some sort of mechanical black machine or drill press wizardry, a triangular bit spinning in a circular fashion drills a square hole. Trust me, you would like to hit this jump!

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Zero Hour! – Airplane! Mashup!


You may know the 1980 comedic/cinematic masterpiece “Airplane!”, and in fact if you hang around in these parts of the cybernet it’s essentially one of the prerequisites for entry into the Obscure Reference Club (ORCi).

And many of you may know that Airplane! (the 1980 comedic/cinematic masterpiece) was partly inspired by and pokes […]

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Self-Serving Saturday

Hyco Crop Edit

As it turns out, I have been slightly remiss in marking a milestone in my time here at Atomic Toasters–the one year anniversary of my first weekend! So I thought I would take just a moment to say thanks to everyone here for all the fun, in another self-serving sort of post.  In celebration of my first year (or so) of doing the weekends, I would like to present a game I like to call ‘What the Heck Does Hyco Do For a Living?!?’ I had considered doing a Jim Brennan style weekend poll, but after about 5 min on hold with tech support to ask about getting the proper plug-in installed, I got tired of listening to the first 30 sec of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer on a constant loop and gave up. So here is how this game will work.

I am going to present to you all 10 choices for what job I have. Each job is something that I have either done in the past, or want to have as a job in the future. One of them is my actual job, and although I still may not out-right admit it, for reasons I can neither confirm or deny, some of you just might figure out the truth! Can you handle the truth? Place your guess in the comments, and for full credit throw out the reasons behind your vote.

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Technically, No. You Can’t Do That.

Have you ever seen someone take a piece of technology, new or old, and try to use it, and then fail? Whether using something for a job other than that which it was intended, or simply not being up to the task of being an operator, sometimes the answer ends up being a big fat fail. If you enjoy looking at examples of sure failures, and snidely smirking and laughing, well today you just might be in luck!

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And now for something completely different…

[Our beloved HycoSpeed has been abducted and forced to do exactly what he’s wanted to do his entire life.  It’s terrible, I know.  Acting as doppelgänger, I have hacked into his account and made a few posts on his behalf, but I’m running out of pre-composed material.  He sends me tidbits now and then, but I’m pretty much winging it now.  Unfortunately for you, I’m nowhere near as amusing, nor as well-versed in obscure tech, but I do have some familiarity with a few specific fields of tech.  If you’ll bear with me, I’ll do my best to make your weekends seem less empty.]

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The Wall-E Case Mod

Weekend editor Hycospeed has had his Internet access suspended for posting nude pictures of himself during a royal visit to Las Vegas undisclosed reasons. Here for your viewing pleasure is an incredibly well documented build of a Wall-E case mod. Those crazy Russians!

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Do You Like Dogs?

The age of silent films was nigh on one hundred years ago, and even in those early days the ideas of the future that science and technology would bring were being explored. This short film, ‘Dog Factory’, was the work of the Edison Manufacturing Company. The cinematography was done by Edwin S. Porter. Shot on 15 April 1904 at the Edison studio in New York, New York, it was released in may 1904. As you might surmise from the lead image, the highlight of the factory is a Patented! Dog Transformer, coupled with a varied selection that helps to allows these fine gentlemen to offer each customer just what they want!

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Genuine, Bona-fide, Electrified, Monorail!

Welcome to the Toasted Weekend! I thought I would give a salute to one of my weekend role models, Jim Brennan over at Hooniverse, by showcasing a rather interesting fellow on my lead off weekend. This fellow happens to be Jim’s father share a surname with the esteemed Mr. Brennan.

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