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User Input: Catchy Jingles

In the 1950’s and 60’s, in the early days of mass-market multimedia advertising, the strategies that advertising agencies relied on were all focused around a brilliant slogan, a catchy jingle, or a flashy new “look”. Lately, of course, the strategy has changed. Now, it’s all “social media”, even though the vast majority of […]

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Boys’ Life: Continuing Adventures of Billy and Wes

Good Easter morning to everyone! For those of you tired of the same old ham, and interested in something new and interesting for Easter dinner, have you considered duck? It’s not just for Christmas anymore! To make the flavor even better, go out and hunt it yourself, the sense of accomplishment will make it that much better. don’t know how to shoot? This week’s Boys’ Life ad has you covered, just follow along with our old friends Billy and Wes.

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Startup: Realizing The Dream

In the 1920’s, radio was largely a voice transmission device. Other uses were just dreams like the one illustrated above: using radio to send command and control signals to machines. We here at AtomicToasters have worked tirelessly to bring this dream to life. After seven years, engineerd’s four smashed thumbs, and six […]

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Startup: Sexism Sells!

"I'll whip you up a lovely strychnine casserole, darling!"

There was a time, not so long ago, when it was de regueur to joke about sexism and the patronizing and patriarchal idealism in Western society. While there was a certain tongue-in-cheek aspect about it — after all, virtually everyone realized that the idealistic […]

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Talk Dirty to Me

I've always wanted a sensual experience when I call for a pizza.

Juno famously had her hamburger phone. But if you catch a DirecTV ad with an opulent Russian fellow and think, “hey, when’d they break into my mansion?” you’re going to need a more exotic novelty communications device than that. To give an indication of what I’m talking about, the screenshot above is the only safe-for-work part of the ad. Click through to see the rest. NSFW, unless your boss is Gordon Gecko.

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Omnibots are here!


Both fascinating and creepy.

When the Omnibot came out the “Sparky” family lived deep in the boonies without the convenience of modern electricity. Which is ironic…

Nonetheless, I wanted one of these badly, mostly so I could torment the family cat. It took another half decade and an enlistment before I was […]

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Shutdown: Technology Where You Least Expect It

It sure is technology. It's technology you don't even think about anymore!

There was a time, not long ago, when amazing technology was to be found in places where we wouldn’t even think of it today. We take things like this for granted, since we’re completely used to them, but it wasn’t all […]

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Caption This!

I was just going to show you the vintage CompuServe ad this image comes from, but this is so much more fun.

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Shutdown: 99 Bucks An HOUR?

It gets worse. You have to navigate a plain text, menu-driven interface at 300 baud. It’s a wonder this whole online thing took off at all.

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Shutdown: Clone Wars Edition

(Image source:

As anyone who grew up in the 1980s would be well aware, Tandy Corporation, the parent for Radio Shack at the time, was a manufacturer of computers and electronic components. Indeed, the Tandy computers were almost ubiquitous in many homes around North America, as they were among the first to […]