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User Input: Cutting The Cord (Again)

Once upon a time, we did a post about the wild, crazy and revolutionary idea of cutting the cord. At the time, we were talking about the idea of getting rid of your landline telephone. Amusingly, when we wrote that, it was still a pretty weird idea, and a great many people were still […]

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User Input: The Next Generation

Techie and I got ourselves into a lengthy and rambling discussion last night, which actually started with a conversation about Star Trek, and how the “advanced” user interfaces shown on the various TV series’ felt dated now. In the era of Tony Stark’s advanced gesture-based user interfaces, with fancy flying holograms and a cheeky […]

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User Input: I Never Joke About My Work, 007

Image cribbed from Time Tapestry, although I have no idea if it is originally theirs.

Today’s launch of Spectre in theatres marks the end of the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies. One distinctive trait of these series of movies was their habit of moving away from the traditionally over-the-top gadgets and gizmos. […]

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User Input: Prepare to Hate


A new year is upon us, and with that shall come store shelves stocked to overflowing with all kinds of new gadgetry and technobaubles. Things that go “boop”! Things with flashy lights! Stuff from Apple that everyone will say they hate because it’s from Apple!

And, inevitably, somewhere in that giant mess, […]

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User Input: Needy Appliances

You don’t appreciate them until they’re gone.

Good morning everyone.

About a month ago, I went to warm up a cup of coffee in our new-ish (about 6 months old) microwave, and after pressing the “start” button, instead of the hum of RF radiation being emitted, there was a sudden loud buzzing sound, […]

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The Most Versatile Tool?

This is some handy stuff.

Good morning everyone.

As most of you are well aware, I’m something of a tool enthusiast. I’m always looking for something to make my tasks easier or give me better results, preferably both. I’ve also been known to buy tools just because they look particularly enchanting, but we […]

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User Input: It’s Getting Colder


Most of the readers here I feel are probably fairly up on current events, so you have probably seen where there is a country that rhymes with Prussia that has (finger quotes) invaded (finger quotes) a country that rhymes with Brukraine. This particular event has gotten more than a few folks considering the possibility of a return to the Cold War that we knew and loved, and I don’t use the word love entirely with sarcasm–there does seem to be a certain excitement about for a nostalgic return to the heady days of living free and hating on Commies. I came across this question on Motherboard the other day, and they were coming at the situation from an angle that I hadn’t thought of, but I found quite interesting. Does a new Cold War mean a new Space Race?
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User Input: A Modest Proposal for the Winter Olympics


The 1936 Italian bobsleigh team engages in hijinks.

Good morning everyone. The quadriannual Winter Olympics are well under way, and I for one have been watching far too much of them. I especially enjoy the biathlons, as I enjoy target shooting and detest skiing when it involves me. One can only marvel at the marksmanship of the athletes after they ski a couple of miles around a mountain (up and down hill) then stop and try to shoot 5 small targets at 100 yards (or so), all while breathing like a bellows and their hearts racing, then getting up and doing it again (and again and again sometimes). Good stuff.

Watching the other events, however, I couldn’t help but notice that there are long, boring intervals during the competitions (sometimes the entire competition) that could benefit from something being added. The obvious answer to that is: firearms and/or projectile devices ala the biathlon.

I put the question to the AT staff that aren’t in hiding (something to do with the mayor of Toronto as I understand it) and we worked up a few ideas, which are after the jump.

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User Input: The Annual New Year’s Resolution Post

It’s January. The start of a new year and a time when we humans look out before us with hope that maybe this year will be different than the previous years and that goal we set for ourselves will actually be met. Gyms and churches will be filled with people. Rosetta Stone software […]

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User Input: Holiday Chaos

“Corporate has targeted an 18.4% improvement in holiday cheer vs. last year’s numbers. To that end, we’ve brought in professional models to stand around the office in silly hats and look cheerful.”

You may have perceived a marked decline in the frequency of posts here on AtomicToasters. Unfortunately, that’s another classic case of […]