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The Labyrinthine History of Secret Swiss Bunkers

Empires rise and fall, alliances swarm and splinter, and for five hundred years, the Swiss have remained armed and neutral, dangerous to any invader. Popular wisdom holds that Switzerland doesn’t have an army or forts, Switzerland is an army, the country itself is a fortress. The Alps in their natural state can be as forbidding as any place on earth, and enormous though invisible military improvements have been built deep in the mountains.

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Shutdown: The Largest Tower Crane

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The Kroll 10000 tower crane, the largest currently made. There was a used one for sale in India a while back if you’re in the market.

All sorts of info on the Kroll 10000 can be found at […]


User Input: Ingestion Technology

This is brilliant. I think I’m going to try a rotisserie turkey for Christmas.

As you may have noticed from Techie’s bizarre man-eating turkey yesterday, this was the Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada. That means I am only now emerging from the food coma that a few hundred pounds of turkey […]

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First Rate Parking


That’s a mighty tight mooring area, it’ll be fun to watch them work that first rater out of there. That thing with the oars should prove to be amusing to watch also, since its sweep appears to be wider than the channel.

Image from the game […]

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Startup: Steampunk USB

Marseau on DeviantART

No word on whether the dial is purely decorative or if it actually indicates how much capacity is used on the drive.


Startup: The Contra Scandal

There was nothing misleading or hyperbolic about this advertisement. This is exactly what going to the video arcade in the 80’s was like. Come to think of, I probably still have my headband and short shorts somewhere…



A Transistor By Any Other Name

If you’re going to choose a name, you might as well be democratic about it.

Image from


Startup: Acoustic Overkill

Unfortunately he was only able to demo this system once. The second track was (at the request of a teenager) dubstep, and the car shook itself apart in protest.



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User Input: Pay Attention to the MeatSpace

Fifteen points!

It’s been a long morning. I’ve already been to work and home again, and I go back to work in a few hours. Needless to say, I needed coffee. And, as I walked in the door to the coffee shop, there was a besuited twenty-something, standing stock still, in the middle […]


User Input: By Any Other Name

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. And a lead bib.

During the 1950’s, it seems that all the marketing mavens got together and agreed that they should create a theme for… well, everything. Refrigerators, cars, appliances, electronics — everything had a theme to it, and it was pretty awesome, looking back.