Things that go BOOM!

Team Titan


For you Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure, how about a Titan missile launch sequence! The video is footage from old video and portions of the tour you can take at the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona. Hit the jump for video ad enjoy!

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Things that go BOOM!

Crash Test Dummies

Train crashes may not happen with quite the frequency of auto crashes, given the disparate number of each type of vehicle out there, but they do happen. Since safety should be job one no matter where you work, trains have to be crash tested just like automobiles. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, we can bring you some video* of just such a crash test or three.

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Airborne Awesomosity, Military-Grade Awesome, Things that go BOOM!

Things Air Forces Do That Go BOOM!

Plane tears glorious hole in sky! Film at 5th line!

Need a wake-up call? Need an evening pick-me-up?

Put down that Red Bull, save the 5-Hour energy shot, tell your cat to keep his kneading claws retracted…

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Atomic Awesome, Things that go BOOM!

Bolt From the Blue

A picturesque positive lightning bolt

Good morning everyone.

This will probably come as a surprise to everyone, but I love electrical storms. When I was much younger, there was nothing I loved more than to climb onto the roof of the house during a noisy thunderstorm and scream and yell at the gods while jumping up and down. I’d occasionally fall off of the roof while I was doing this, but I blame that more on leather soled shoes than the gods.  In particular, I love lightning, it’s just so raw and pure. And powerful.

As powerful as ‘normal’ lightning is, there is an even more powerful form of lightning, called positive lightning. Normal lightning comes out of the bottom of a storm cloud, which is negatively charged, and jumps to a positive charge on the ground, and makes up about 95% of all lightning strokes. Once in a while though, lightning will issue from the top of a storm cloud, which is positively charged, and jump to a negative charge on the ground.

These positive lightning bolts are quite different from the normal negative ones. Positive lightning can be as much as 10 times more powerful than negative lightning, carrying a current of over 300,000 amps. The positive strokes last around 10 longer too, persisting for hundreds of milliseconds, where a negative stroke only lasts about 30 microseconds on the average. Worst of all, positive lightning commonly strikes far away from where the actual storm is, with strikes more than 30 miles away from the storm having been recorded. Many times these strikes happen long after the storm has passed an area, and come out of a clear sky, hence the term “A bolt from the blue”. They’re deadly too, with a survival rate of nearly zero from what I could find. A good story about a guy in Australia who had a close call can be found here.

So, who else likes electrical storms and lightning? Anybody have any good stories? You get extra credit for good pictures too.

After the jump are some more pictures of positive lightning strokes. Pretty, as long as you’re not too close.

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