Supersonic Transport Week

The Future of SSTs

Our esteemed Editor-in-Chief posted the Tupolev Tu-444 concept SST this morning in an effort to keep SST Week going as long as possible. We don’t agree on much, but on this I have to support him. So, I will post my own concept SST. Behold, a failed joint venture being kept alive by one of its parents. Continue reading The Future of SSTs

Startup, Supersonic Transport Week

Startup: Just When You Thought It Was Over

This is the only decent image I can find; if you find more, share them with us!

They tell us Supersonic Transport is dead. Well, perhaps not quite.

Tupolev, not completely discouraged by the dismal performance of its famous Tu-144 Supersonic Transport (also known as the “Concordski”), is apparently now working on a […]

Prototypes and Experiments, Supersonic Transport Week

Shaping the Sound of Fast

In the early 2000s, NASA Dryden’s flight research team, along with DARPA, studied ways to reduce the intensity of shockwaves. This lead to a nose-job, a glider, and a bunch of microphones in the desert. Continue reading Shaping the Sound of Fast

Prototypes and Experiments, Supersonic Transport Week

A Soviet SST In King Langley’s Court

“People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?” That’s what Rodney King said, and the Russian space agency and NASA took it to heart. Continue reading A Soviet SST In King Langley’s Court

Supersonic Transport Week

QSST Vaporcraft Promised Boom-less Transonic Flights

The QSST concept design, (for “Quiet Supersonic Transport”) was profiled back in early 2007 in the fantastical la-la-land scientific journal that is Popular Science. Amazingly, unlike 99.9% of other PopSci features, this one seems to have fallen by the wayside on the road to reality. [Sarcasm? Me?]

Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) supposedly designed […]

Supersonic Transport Week

Anything You Can Do, I Can Steal Better

Hmmmm...that looks familiar

The Soviets had a long history of producing aircraft and spacecraft that looked shockingly similar to their western counterpart. Often times, this lead to accusations of espionage. Sometimes, the espionage charge was a little harsh. For instance, the Buran looked similar to NASA’s Space Shuttle mostly due to the fact that aerodynamics doesn’t change. Soviet aerospace engineers may have looked at pictures of the space shuttle, but no known actual information leaked. Continue reading Anything You Can Do, I Can Steal Better

Supersonic Transport Week, User Input

User Input: Taking It For Granted

In “The Physics of Star Trek”, author and physics professor Lawrence M. Krauss imagines that we would have computers on par with those in TNG within 30 years. That was 15 years ago, and he just might be right. At the time, dictation software required hours of training, video editing was done primarily on […]

Startup, Supersonic Transport Week

Startup: A Little Droop Can Be Good For You

No rhinoplasty required.

It was suggested last week that we should run with a theme of Supersonic Transports this week, or SST’s. We liked the idea, and there’s a huge wealth of topics to discuss, so we decided to run with it. And what’s one of the first things that come to mind […]