Shutdown, Stealth Week

Shutdown – Stealth: You’re Doing It Wrong.

Forget for a moment that motorcycles need to lean in turns (a less-than-small issue with this bodywork), and let’s concentrate instead on the stealthiness of this less-than-military-grade stealth treatment. In a word, it’s unstealthy.
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Stealth Week

A Suntan in Space

Before you can run you have to crawl.

We all know and, sometimes, appreciate that fact of life. If it weren’t for Lockheed crawling along at the leading edge of technology, we would be in an entirely different world. Continue reading A Suntan in Space

Military Surplus, Stealth Week

Sweden’s Hidden Naval Bunkers

Engineerd’s earlier Stealth Week post on Hidden Swiss Defenses reminded me of a couple of pictures I’d seen several years ago of hidden naval tunnels in Sweden. I finally got the chance this morning to track them down on, a personal watercraft forum I’ve been known to frequent. The pics are as cool as I remembered them.
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Stealth Week

Can’t See It, Can’t Catch It: The CIA’s OXCART Dart

While the transparent behemoth that I wrote about earlier is probably the first aircraft designed with a form of stealth intentionally built-in, the Lockheed family of supersonic lawn darts starting with the A-12 pictured above were the first operational aircraft engineered to reduce their RADAR profile – what we currently picture as stealth technology.

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Stealth Week

A Bodyguard of Lies

Winston Churchill once said to Stalin, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” That attitude was the driving force behind one of the largest deception operations in the history of war, and lent its name of Operation Bodyguard. Continue reading A Bodyguard of Lies

Startup, Stealth Week

Startup: Dazzle Your Enemies

In the First World War, the Allies were desperately searching for ways to counteract the effectiveness of the German U-Boat fleet. This was an entirely new form of warfare, and as such, there were no experts they could turn to for assistance, and no veterans with any experience. As such, unlike most other arenas of combat in WWI, the Admiralty was willing to turn to more innovative and creative solutions. One such tactic was the use of dazzle camouflage.

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Stealth Week

The Absence Is Noticeable: Yehudi Lights

During WW2, the British learned a lesson that modern submarine warfare would have to relearn decades later: absence is noticeable. Continue reading The Absence Is Noticeable: Yehudi Lights

Startup, Stealth Week

Startup: A WINDOW Onto Warfare

Not what you first think of when we say "Stealth" aircraft...

Much of Stealth Week has been dedicated to fairly high-tech devices, particularly for their day. It all involves some sort of covert activity, disguise, or method of subterfuge. The technology of WINDOW, (as suggested to us by faithful Toasterite Tom) then, would almost seem contrary to that philosophy. Nevertheless, it served as a form of stealth warfare by attracting as much attention, and making as much noise as possible.

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Stealth Week

Hidden Swiss Defences

Sometimes stealth involves hiding what you have from the enemy. Particularly today, with satellites buzzing high overhead, being able to camouflage your defense network and military strength can give an invader second thoughts about crossing your borders. Continue reading Hidden Swiss Defences

Stealth Week, User Input

User Input: Dressing Down

Wow! It's like your laptop isn't even there!

A little over a decade ago, showing off your personal gadgets were a major part of geek cred. Cell phones were brazenly holstered to belts, laptops were toted in cases that practically screamed “I have a laptop in me!”, and nerds everywhere secretly […]