Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Military-Grade Awesome, Pushing Boundaries

Black Sea Beast

On Tuesday engineerd presented us with the incredible LCAC hovercraft. And while it is a mind-blowing piece of hardware, it’s not the mind-blowingest hovercraft in the world. Yes, leave it to the Russians to always build something bigger.

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Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft

A Flying Soviet Fortress

This is the Kalinin K-7. It is big. How big? It was the largest propeller-driven plane prior to the jet age. Continue reading A Flying Soviet Fortress

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Startup

Startup: The Imperial Porcupine

Now with 100% more images!

No conversation about flying boats would be complete without mention of the Short C-class “Empire” flying boats. These craft were really quite unique in their particular realm. While significantly smaller than any of the other flying boats we’ve looked at, these are still enormous aircraft for the pre-WWII […]

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft

Bows and Arrows vs. Gunpowder

In 1959 after the cost of a large, nuclear-equipped, supersonic bomber was increasing and its effectiveness waning, President Eisenhower said the XB-70 was like “talking about bows and arrows at a time of gunpowder when we spoke of bombers in the missile age.” Continue reading Bows and Arrows vs. Gunpowder

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Startup

Startup: Finally! One That Worked!

The Saunders-Roe Princess, way up in the air, something our two previous seaplanes couldn't accomplish.

After two posts about flying boats that just did. not. work, it’s kind of refreshing to be able to do a post about one that did.

Of course, the fact that it worked did not prevent […]

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Shutdown

Shutdown: Fly in Style!

I have never seen that plane before. It looks a bit like a converted B29 Stratofortress.

Long gone are the days of luxury airliners, even though there are a number of providers out there who offer fantastically luxurious options for flight. These tickets are priced well out of the realm of the average […]

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Spaceheads

Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Here’s a two-for for our Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft series: the An-225 Mriya and the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Continue reading Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Startup

Startup: Surprising Origins

"Up, up and away! But only up a little bit! Okay, that's enough!"

In yesterday’s Startup, we talked about the Spruce Goose, a massive undertaking that never fully realized its true potential. Turns out, it wasn’t the first giant seaplane to learn this lesson.

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Giant F*ck-Off Aircraft, Startup

Startup: Seaplane or Flying Boat?

Since yesterday’s Startup, I’ve had thoughts of the Spruce Goose stuck in my head. It’s one of those marvels of engineering that I got to see up close and personal when I was young, and found it so captivating because it inspired my imagination in amazing ways.

My parents were awesome for […]