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The Sensible Calendar You Can’t Have

Did you know that calendar reform was seriously considered at the beginning of the 20th century? Proposals similar to the one above were were actually getting traction in the interest of efficiency during the Industrial Revolution. There were many combinations of proposed changes endorsed by various groups and individuals, but the one above […]


SX-70 Sunday



The Polaroid SX-70 was a folding single lens camera which made by Polaroid Corporation from 1972-1981. This was the first of the Polaroid cameras that was truly ‘instant’, automatically spitting out the photo the way most of us think of when we think Polaroid! The earlier cameras required much more knowledgeable interaction to get the pictures out and developed without chemicals all over your hands. To showcase the awesomeness that was this new camera, Polaroid made a nice little infomercial, which you can find after the jump. Check out!

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Something Better: Vacuum Cleaners


There has been a mild discussion, perhaps debate even, if you will, in the house of Hyco recently. Our semi-acceptable vacuum divested itself of some plastic bits that turned out to be integral to its successful operation. As such, the question of what sort of new vacuum to try has come up again. […]


What Ever Became of…Popcorn?


Growing up, I did a brief stint in the Cub Scouts. Like any such youth organization, there was yearly fundraising involved, of course in addition to whatever my parents paid for uniforms and enrollment fees. For those that don’t know, the Girl Scouts get cookies, and the Boy Scouts sell popcorn. Now, […]


What Ever Became of…Linoleum

Awhile back I went to a work conference, and there were some folks there from several other countries, so being a typical American I observed and was amused by some of the things they said. My favorite new phrase was spoken by a British fellow, expressing, well, disbelief at the way […]


Something Better: In-Glass Defrosters


The problem with starting a new feature during a new year, like, just hypothetically, running a sort of themed post on the first weekend of the month, is that when the first weekend of the month rolls around, you actually have to remember to post that. Which I did not last week, making […]


What Ever Became of…Chalkboards?

Every invention, you could argue, comes with tradeoffs. It does certain things well, and other things, not so much; that or there can be unintentional side effects. The chalkboard gets dusty, they can be hard to clean and hard to see the writing on if they aren’t clean, and of course […]


What Ever Became of..Portable Dishwashers



Perhaps some of you out there had a bit more cultured upbringings than I, but I was quite grown before I ever was aware of the existence of portable dishwashers. When my wife and I were but just dating, we went to lunch at her grandparents house after church one Sunday. After lunch, when all the dishes and food were being cleaned and put away, I see this cabinet that I hadn’t really noticed being rolled from its position off to the side over to the sink. Turns out, the cabinet was a dishwasher, and was quickly filled and attached to the sink and washing and clinking away.

Mind. Blown.

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What Ever Became of…Fax Machines?



A couple of weeks ago our super duper all-in-one printer/copier/faxer/scanner/counter-space-taker-upper started displaying a print head error code and reverting to non-function mode. Some online troubleshooting and the fact that I am cheap led me to attempt to clean the print head and make it work again. And hooray, I was successful, eventually, and so feeling much satisfied, I headed out of town for work. Once I was far enough away to do nothing about it, my wife went to print and was promptly given the very same error code. It was fixed before I left, really!!

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What Ever Became of…Playground Merry-Go-Rounds?


This one may seem too easy–whirling metal death wheels, sue happy society, why wouldn’t these disappear? But come on now, we are talking about a country that landed a man on the moon, that perfected 30-minutes-or-it’s-free pizza delivery, that invented the internet! There shouldn’t be anything insurmountable! Especially not figuring out how to […]