Tech Showdown

M-16 vs. M16


The Grigorovich M-16 was a variant of the Grigorovich M-9 with floats and developed to operate in winter conditions. It became a very important WWI-era plane for Russia, and, ironically, Finland. It’s primary role was as a reconnaissance plane, though it did have a variant called the GASN which was a torpedo-bomber.

The Colt M16 rifle is the military variant of the AR-15 first developed by ArmaLite in 1959. By the late 1960s it was the standard issue infantry rifle for the US armed forces. It is still in use by Navy and Marine forces.

The only logical question, then, is, “How do they compare?”

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Tech Showdown

F1 vs. F1

A Formula 1 car is one of the most technologically advanced road-going machines created by man. Capable of speeds of nearly 200 mph, the engines that propel the F1 car bear little resemblance to the engine under the hood of your car.

On the other hand, the Saturn V rockets with their five F1 engines on the first stage propelled man to one of his greatest achievements…walking on the moon. A rocket motor, it is nothing like the engine in your car.

This leads us to the most logical question — how do they compare?

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