Robotic Overlords, Shutdown, Sponge-a-rific!

Shutdown: Sponge-inator

SpongeBob MetalNads

Turns out, SpongeBob’s purpose in life was not to flip Krabby Patties, but to travel back in time and assassinate Sarah Conor annoy Squidward.

This explains why if you tear his arms off, he doesn’t die.

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Sponge baths, without the whee?!?

Relax, everything will be ok - once you are sleeping.

Good morning Will Robinson!

Who kills all the fun out of urgent care needs
Sponge-Bath Ro-Bot!
Who’s great for the nurses but wants to kill me?
Sponge-Bath Ro-Bot!

What we have here my fellow sponge-heads, is not a sponge (yeay sponges!) but a ROBOT. A ROBOT, that gives @#$%& SPONGE BATHS!

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Amazing Buttless Asexual Regenerating Economically Stimulating Sponge

Sponges really are quite amazing, aren’t they? We’ve learned today that they travel in superior spacecraft to the Borg, that they have a dark side in sponge candy…and that they are animals! I know! Whodathunkit? But how does CardboardTube get his sponge collection? Let’s travel along with Mike Rowe to find out!
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Great Scams in History, Sponge-a-rific!, User Input

Ohhhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea…

this is how I picture Mitch when he gets a new wildlife-themed hat

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Yeah, the Borg were pretty tough customers … but they merely traveled around in a simple geometric cube. The Sporg travel around in a freakin’ Menger-Sierpinski sponge, with infinite surface area and enclosing zero volume! In case you can’t comprehend that, human, here is the mathematical representation:


Free Range Technology, Sponge-a-rific!

Stuff From My… Kitchen/Classroom

Carbon Spicule Sponges

Who here would wipe off their dishes with the cat?  TechieInHell, put your hand down.  It seems strange to think that we use animals in any other fashion than to eat or wear or build buildings out of or use as a chair…  actually, after typing that, it doesn’t seem […]


Sponge Candy: Just Say No.

As the twentieth century dawned, Buffalo, New York had it goin’ on: eighth largest city in the US; major rail, manufacturing and banking hub; host of the extravagant 1902 Pan-American Exposition (a major success except for that part when President McKinley got assassinated). Thanks to hydro-electric power from nearby Niagara Falls, Buffalo boasted the most pervasive electric power grid anywhere in the world and was nicknamed “The City of Light.” It was also known as the “The Queen City,” a reference not only being second in population within the state, but also a not-so-subtle implication that New York City owed Buffalo some of the credit for the state’s unmatched significance in the nation.

There’s nothing quite so awesome coming out of Buffalo lately, is there? The shocking reason for this is that chocolate-coated demon — SPONGE CANDY.
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Admin, Sponge-a-rific!

Atomic Toas-…er, ‘Sponges’ Changes Focus.

Pure sponge pr0n!

We like computers. We like spacecraft. We like airplanes and science fiction. But it should be obvious that none of these areas, even in combination, have the same rich depth of inspiration we all find in sponges. Sponges can hold an audience’s interest long after posts about alternative power and […]