Robotic Overlords

The Mr. Potato Head Dalek

Macerate. Macerate. Macerate.

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Startup: Realizing The Dream

In the 1920’s, radio was largely a voice transmission device. Other uses were just dreams like the one illustrated above: using radio to send command and control signals to machines. We here at AtomicToasters have worked tirelessly to bring this dream to life. After seven years, engineerd’s four smashed thumbs, and six […]

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On June 26, 1988 a newly delivered Airbus A320-111 crashed at Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport during a demonstration flight. While the official report laid the bulk of the blame on the pilot for flying too low and too slow, several anomalies were found on the A320 that could have contributed to the accident. Namely, the engines would not respond to pilot inputs at low altitude, and the barometric readings from the plane (necessary for the altimeter to work) could be wonky.

Additionally, many pilots believe the design of the Airbus fly-by-wire system contributed since it does not give physical feedback through the controls. Unlike the Boeing system, the Airbus system does not have a mechanical link for the throttle, joystick and rudder pedals that will make them move as the plane does its thing in autopilot. This can lull a pilot into a sense of complacency, or worse, the pilot could be on an improper screen on the display and miss vital information.
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Shutdown: Sponge-inator

SpongeBob MetalNads

Turns out, SpongeBob’s purpose in life was not to flip Krabby Patties, but to travel back in time and assassinate Sarah Conor annoy Squidward.

This explains why if you tear his arms off, he doesn’t die.

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Shutdown – Jinx put Max in space

more obscure that I had imagined...

I for one welcome our obscure robot movie overlords!

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