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What’s Happening in the Lab


Good Tuesday to you all, and welcome back to work! I am sure most of you went in to your place of work yesterday, but I’d wager many of you were feeling like me and just skating by, trying to make it through the day without doing anything. Since Tuesday is the back to work day, when we all try to get something done before the idea of the coming weekend distracts us, and yet still most likely none of us really want to be working, perhaps we should check what’s happening in the lab. I mean, of course, the illustrious Muppet Labs, run by the esteemed Dr. Bunsen, ably aided by his assistant Beaker! These sketches made an appearance in all five seasons of The Muppet Show, and in the interest of improving your day, thanks to, click here to find a link to not only a list of every episode with a summary of the tale told inside, but also a link to a clip of each sketch! A sample of what you will find lies after the jump!

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Everyone Wants To Help

Humans are a pretty amazing lot. We fight and bicker over some really stupid stuff most of the time. However, when something happens to really focus us on what it really means to be a human we pull together. In times of tragedy and hardship we often want to do something, even if […]

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Ode To The Penny


Yesterday, the Canadian Mint shocked the world of high finance with its announcement that the Canadian penny is no longer legal tender. They will now begin cashing out penny pinchers and melting the coins down to make steam punk inspired suits of armor for the RCMP. The penny-ending discussion comes up from time to time here south of the border, as well. In 2012, the US Mint said that each penny costs them 2 cents to produce. Inflation over the last two centuries has made the penny often more of a burden than a blessing. However, I believe we should keep it.

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“Spoilers, Sweetie!” Or: The Post Where We Discuss Doctor Who

In this thread, it is very likely there will be Spoilers, Sweetie, so it’s probably best not to click through to this article if you’re not actually caught up to the most recent episode of Doctor Who. […]

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User Input: Technological Darwinism

From our unique historical perspective, what say you, Toasterians? Is RIM salvageable? Can the Blackberry be saved? Or is it too late and too far gone? […]