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Faster Than The Wind And Flames

Not seen at Burning Man. Way too mindblowing.

On July 16th, 2012, Rick Cavallaro was at the controls as the Blackbird land yacht, powered only by the wind, accelerated from a stop to 20 mph. However, the 10 mph breeze was blowing directly in his face for the entire run, giving the Thin Air team the first North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) record for traveling directly upwind at a speed faster than the wind itself.

This new record has attracted far less attention and controversy than Blackbird’s spectacular downwind speed record, set in 2010. But some people still believe both runs were faked. While the ideas that the wind could push against itself or push something faster than itself seem obviously impossible, I’m confident that this is not a hoax, and I arrogantly believe I can explain upwind and downwind carts to my fellow Toasters. [1]

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Formula One: Evolution in Motion

Formula One has hardly changed from its early days.

Whether you’re a fan of Formula One or not, there’s no way around the fact that it is the race series that pushes the boundaries of technological evolution more than any other. It is where virtually every advancement in racing equipment is born, and also where racing excitement goes to die. Yes, in many cases, it has become little more than a very high-speed parade, with no passing and very little drama, but if the racing isn’t all that exciting, the technology certainly is.

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Brunel’s Imperial Walker

A rarely seen Victorian Imperial Walker which was most likely made by Isembard Kingdom Brunel. It just shows that there is evil in all empires regardless of era. Some are cooler than others though.

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Another Kind of Cold War

"Permission to break out the Bieber, sir?" "Negative, Lieutenant, you are not to utilize the Bieber except in a time of war."

We here in The West tend to think of the Cold War as being long over, but in absolute truth, it’s not completely over. Sure, the whole United States vs. Soviet Union standoff has mostly died down, and Germany’s now all one piece. Marko Ramius has sheen Monchana, and realished it wash no shcreaming hell. But that doesn’t mean the whole deal is over.

Over in the Koreas, tensions are still running rampant. The Demilitarized Zone is still just as dangerous as it ever was, with North and South sides trading pot-shots at one another. One side sinks a ship, the other retaliates by beating up someone’s mother. And periodically, each side will let loose a couple of artillery shells just to make sure that the other side is still paying attention.

Now, however, the South might have taken things a bit too far:

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Blue Marble


I can see my house from here!

I’m a bit of a photography geek.  I spend too much on equipment, get excited for overcast days that are still really bright out and spend too much time critiquing the photo when I look at porn, kittens, awesome cars.  I believe there are three […]

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An NFAC Sunset

The National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex at NASA’s Ames Research Center is the largest wind tunnel in the world. At 80 by 120 feet, the open-circuit wind tunnel draws air in through the 360 foot wide by 130 foot high air intake. The air then goes through the 120 foot wide by 80 foot […]

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Hearing Aids

Apparently, these are early attempts at hearing long distances. Maybe a pre-cursor to RADAR?

Find more like this at Retronaut. Don’t blame me if your productivity drops to zero today and for all of next week.

[Ed. Thanks to reader coupeZ600 for the tip. If you see some people sticking large devices in […]

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There’s No Replacement For Steam Displacement

Yesterday, we all stood in awe at the big engine. However, it’s too…modern. So, I am making up for it today with this big engine. Oh, and it belonged to the RMS Titanic.
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Banana Jet

If you lived in Scotland, Wales or Yorkshire during the 1960s or 1970s, you would have memories of many quiet hillside picnics shattered by a fleeting couple of shadows and seconds later the terrifying blast of jet engines screaming mere dozens of feet right over your head. The usual culprit was the Blackburn Buccaneer – for several decades the finest-handling low-level attack aircraft in the world.

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Sikorsky’s Wild Ride

An AH-1 is cool, but can it lift a house?

[Image Credit: Public Domain]