Prototypes and Experiments

Women’s Liberation


In 1932 women could not vote in France. They wouldn’t get that right until 1944. What they could do it test fire-proof suits as Mademoiselle Suzanne Piget demonstrates.

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Prototypes and Experiments

Verification Through Experimentation

Especially when you have to assume friction is negligible and the puppies are spherical to make the math simpler.

[Image Credit: Fake Science]

Prototypes and Experiments

A Hovertruck?

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I’ve always been interested in hovercraft and similar vehicles, as they seemed to hold some promise as precursors to (somewhat) practical, (possibly) safe flying cars. I came across the picture above, and was intrigued by the notion of using a hovercraft for farming. Wouldn’t the […]

Prototypes and Experiments

Wind Tunnels: Not New, Just Better

I recently came across the photo above. Some of you may recognize the Ford GT40 “J Car”. I immediately recognized Ford Wind Tunnel #2.
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Prototypes and Experiments

Return of the Telegraph

Radio waves are at the very heart and soul of our technology today. Ever since the telegraph could go wireless, we’ve been harnessing radio waves for everything from sending data from the moon to sending txt messages to our BFFs. But radio has a big problem: line of sight.
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Prototypes and Experiments

Here Comes Tomorrow—Fast!

In the golden age of American growth after WWII, the automobile and airline industries were taking off, but railroad, especially passenger rail, was in a serious slide. Railroad needed a stylish, fast new train of the future to rescue the industry, and General Motors, through their  Electro-Motive Division, with the help of designer Chuck Jordan, had the answer.

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Startup: Realizing The Dream

In the 1920’s, radio was largely a voice transmission device. Other uses were just dreams like the one illustrated above: using radio to send command and control signals to machines. We here at AtomicToasters have worked tirelessly to bring this dream to life. After seven years, engineerd’s four smashed thumbs, and six […]

Prototypes and Experiments

World’s Simplest Motor?

This is usually what you think of when you think of a DC motor (OK, maybe not quite this big). Inside is a rotor turned by a magnetic stator. That turning motion goes out the shaft to whatever it is the motor is driving. But, you know us here at Toasters. If there’s a simpler way to do it, we’ll find it. Thanks to Toaster Friend Jeff Glucker…yes, that Jeff Glucker…we may very well have the simplest motor…in the world. Hit the jump for a video.
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Hack-It-Yerself, Prototypes and Experiments

Homemade Robo-Mower is Geektastic

A couple of summers ago, I sighted this wonderful example of DIY innovation a few blocks from work on my evening commute. I stopped and snapped a couple of pics with my crappy cell-phone camera and briefly talked with the remote-wielding inventor.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more like this. It’s really not […]

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MKULTRA, LSD, Mind Control

Mind control is one of those themes that is a staple of science fiction. An evil scientist creates a device that causes people to do things that are against their normal ethical and/or moral standards. A foreign government reprograms a POW to help in its overthrow of a major world government. Even the Jedi and Sith can control the weak minded.
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