It’s not easy being geeky.

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I Am Your Coffee

I would probably make coffee more at home if I had this. I would also probably have nightmares in that time period between the coffee maker coming on and the alarm going off.



Now it looks as though they’re here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday

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I Love You Patrick Stewart

I am deliberately abusing my editorial powers to post this here just because it’s awesome. Nerds of the universe: sigh in unison.



Vacation Dreaming

As I said yesterday, Spring has yet to spring here in the Arctic Midwest. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming of vacation season and what adventures I may have. Hell, even Storm Troopers — the henchmen of evil — get a little vacation time.

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Rebuilding a Legend

The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park has started a new project. They are building a replica of the EDSAC computer, which put England on the map for computing excellence when it ran its first program — calculating a series of prime numbers — in 1949. Hit the jump for an overview of the project.

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Religious Fanaticism

I don’t mean to start a debate on religion, but I think that we need to rethink how we define the world’s great religions.

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Einstein Takes A Break

Even Einstein knew it was good to relax some. Have a good weekend!

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Literally Correct

It is a wireless handheld device.


Titanium Twister

A friend of mine works for Henkel and worked on a product called Alodine EC2. Alodice EC2 is a titanium metal oxide (TiO2) coating for aluminum, titanium and other metals that doesn’t chip. Obviously, for materials like steel, if the coating is chipped then the inner metal can start corroding.

But that’s boring. What’s not boring is a company called Titanium Twister has used this technology to make a better replacement beater for the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. OK, that’s not all that exciting, either. Until you start watching their videos about their better beater starring boobies a blonde reading cue cards, and a video about the Alodine EC2 process starring a Speak N Spell. Hit the jump and enjoy the beater.
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