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The Power of Rednecks

Trash Truck

Ever wondered just how powerful a garbage truck’s trash compactor is? No, we haven’t either. But that’s okay, because you’re about to find out!

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For Science! But Really For Amusement…

* Mad Scientist Not Included

Matt Inman from The Oatmeal and Matt Harding from Where The Hell Is Matt? decided to have some fun last night. You see, Mr. Inman was presented with a Tesla Lightning Gun absolutely nothing like similar to the one in the photo above for his 30th birthday. And what do you do if you suddenly find yourself in possession of a lightning gun?

You shoot your friend. While that friend holds a fluorescent bulb. And dances. Badly.

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Neutrinos with Syrup, Pushing Boundaries

Formula One: Evolution in Motion

Formula One has hardly changed from its early days.

Whether you’re a fan of Formula One or not, there’s no way around the fact that it is the race series that pushes the boundaries of technological evolution more than any other. It is where virtually every advancement in racing equipment is born, and also where racing excitement goes to die. Yes, in many cases, it has become little more than a very high-speed parade, with no passing and very little drama, but if the racing isn’t all that exciting, the technology certainly is.

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Neutrinos with Syrup

Cats vs. Technology


Too smart for his own good.

Timothy Sobrinsky has a pair of cats. One of them, Milo, appears to be too smart for his own good. He has discovered that if he gets a really good run at it, he can attack his automatic cat-feeding machine, and cause it to dump a few extra morself of food into his dish. Timothy decided to catch him in the act. The video is below the jump.

This just proves our theory: any technology can be defeated by a user who is determined enough.

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Moment of zen… Losing your Marbles

I don’t know what it is about this thing, but I find it strangely hypnoti…

Neutrinos with Syrup, Nibblers

TechSpeak: Sound impressive saying ordinary things.

When my older sister was in medical school, she taught me “MedSpeak,” which is supposedly a way to instantly sound like a doctor. I prefer to call it TechSpeak, because you can use the same technique to sound an expert about any subject, without knowing anything special about it. Okay, so it really isn’t […]

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One Of The Coolest Things You’ll Read This Year

Caesar Augustus. Although historians now suspect he was not actually made of marble.

Yesterday a commenter on an obscure website called “Reddit” posed a question on the self.AskReddit forum which was pointed out to us by the semi-legendary Ben Wojzilla. The author then proceeded to answer it in one of the most intricate […]

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Where’s Wall-E?

Ok AT readers, you have a homework assignment for the weekend. I found this today and figured, between our collective geek/nerd collective, we should be able to name all of the robots above. Also…where exactly is Wall-E?

Full size image at (

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The Professor Joins The Ranks

A small addition

Good news everyone! The good folks here at Atomic Toasters have asked me to become a contributor to their wonderful little project that we’ve all come to enjoy so much. While I would like to believe that my invitation was the result of my past pithy commentary, […]

Airborne Awesomosity, Neutrinos with Syrup

Bathroom Break

Leaving on a multi-prop plane…

The iPhone has some cool tricks.  Below are videos of one that I heard about and got to try out on my trip to Nova Scotia. Click the links below for a quick video of the strange lovechild of aviation and Apple.

Magic appearing propeller

Corkscrew […]