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A New Map Of The Internet

We like maps here at Atomic Toasters, in case you haven’t noticed. We’ve featured maps of the internet before, which tend to focus on usage or download speeds. However, a couple artists have created a map of the “places” in the internet. Click on the lede photo for an uber-biggened version.

[Image Credit: […]

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Postcards From Nowhere

Beckton Depot

London’s Underground, most notable for it’s mantra to mind the gap, is a maze of underground and above ground rail lines shuttling people to and fro across Greater London. Many of these people take the Tube every day as they go to work or to the pub. Some of these Londoners don’t even own a car, instead relying on the mass transit system. However, there’s a part of the London Underground even the most seasoned traveller has most likely never seen. To these people, these “nowhere” places might as well not exist. That is, until you see them and are intrigued enough to do more.

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Monty Python Reunion

There are certain nearly-universal truths about nerdery and geekdom. One of those is a love for all things Monty Python. Walk into any comic book store and you are likely to start something magical with just the mere quoting of an innocuous line from any of Monty Python’s more quoteable works. Mention a […]

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Making Thomas Kinkade Paintings Better

Thomas Kinkade is known for painting serene scenes often containing cottages. It’s annoying. Luckily, artist Jeff Bennett has found a way to improve Kinkade’s work.

[Image Credit: Jeff Bennett]

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Click to embiggify. It even has a scale!

[Image Credit: Dirk Loechel on DevientArt]

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Steampunk Musical Scooter of Awesome

steampunk scooter

Ah steampunk. That sidetable of art whose time seems to linger on. Retreading our bland modern conveniences in the gorgeous clothing of the brass age, steampunk seeks to re-imagine our world through the eyes of people who actually have style. Take, for example, the scooter above. Created by Arthur van Poppel in the Netherlands, the scooter is equipped with an electric guitar, amp, speakers, and a horn section. Van Poppel can play the music himself, or let the scooter make its own. He’s found a way to marry transportation, music, and retro-cool in a totally awesome way. Hit the jump for a video of van Poppel gettin’ down with his bad self.

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I Hope The Smoking Man’s In This One


On September 10, 1993 a show premiered on Fox called “The X-Files”. It would, over the course of 202 episodes, become both a popular and cult hit leading some to believe in the existence of Dana Scully.

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Hipster Superheroes

Who doesn’t like superheroes? What about the female kind — Batgirl, Starfire, Poison Ivy? What if they turned out to be hipsters? Artist Elizabeth Beals has made this connection between nerd culture and whatever-culture-it-is-that-produces-hipsters culture. Head over to Flavorwire and check it out!

[Image Credit: Elizabeth Beals via […]

Nerd Artists

Bombs Bursting in Air

Fireworks fascinate me. It’s not just the fire part (fire is awesome), but everything else that goes into it. Knowing the right chemistry, proportions, layering, and the sometimes complicated launch systems is as much science as art. Therefore, the men and women designing and putting on fireworks displays across this country this week […]