Atomic Awesome, Idiotic or Inspired?

Rising Like A Phoenix

He flies through the air with the greatest of 'Bees...

He flies through the air with the greatest of ‘Bees…

Those of you who have been with us for a while may recall that back in 2011, our sister-site Hooniverse awarded their coveted Hooniversal Car Of The Year trophy to none other than the Official AtomicToasters Racing Hooptie, the now-world-famous ZomBee.

It is with something of a heavy heart that we inform you that the ZomBee is dead.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Ford’s Other Plane


Henry Ford was a fairly smart man. He had come up with the Model T and a production method that kept the price low enough for many working folk to buy it. His next foray was to create a Model T of the air. Of course, it would be confusing to name both the car and the plane the Model T, so he called the plane Flivver.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Useless Technology


In my competitive spirit, I set out this morning to find something better than the Budweiser hockey light that Deartháir posted. I failed. I failed spectacularly. Hit the jump to see the least brilliant thing…ever.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

A Star Trek TNG Anthem

The new year is upon us. In a couple days we will consume too many alcohols, and quite possibly break out in song. You may want to be über-inebriated before hitting the jump and watching an homage to Star Trek TNG that my wife sent me.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Beautiful Failure

So it seems this has turned into Engine Week here on the Tosters of which we are Atomic. I love following the crowd and hate feeling left out. So, I bring you the Subaru-Coloni C3. Never heard of it? Well, hit the jump!

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Coffee Talk

It is Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! here at the house of Speed, and like most mornings I am starting the day with my delicious friend coffee. Did somebody say coffee? How about a 60’s history of coffee!

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Need a Hobby?

I was just talking to a coworker and occasional reader of this blog about hobbies. He has recently picked up a new hobby…trebuchets. So, let’s say you need a hobby, but you don’t have a friend with a trebuchet. Maybe you don’t have any friends. Well, I may have something for you.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

The Most Evil Invention Ever

That’s it, right up there. The alarm clock. Hideous, evil device. According to legend, Plato had a large water clock rigged up with an alarm function similar to a water organ that would signal the beginning of his dawn lectures. In case you’re not so good with the history, that means the alarm […]

Idiotic or Inspired?

Portable Sauna

If you’re like me, you don’t really care for people. Gyms are full of people, including the sauna. Therefore, having my own portable sauna in my own home would be awesome.

[Image Credit: Life]

Idiotic or Inspired?

Do You Like Beer? Do You Like Rocket Belts?

Why don’t you come over to my place, and we’ll ride a rocket belt, and then maybe have a beer…

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