Great Scams in History

Recombobulation Area

After passing through airport security theater, you may be feeling a bit…discombobulated. Well, George Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee has found a solution.

Ed. Hat tip to reader Batshitbox for sending in the photo!

[Image Credit: Lydia Rabon]

Great Scams in History

Swamp Gas

The US Air Force has long had a problem. They develop these super rad planes and then try to keep them a secret. The problem is, airplanes are visible to the naked eye up to pretty high altitudes. If one of these super secret planes is seen by the public, and those members […]

Great Scams in History

BREAKING NEWS: Government Admits Area 51 Exists

George Washington University’s National Security Archive obtained recently declassified documents from the US government which describe the genesis of the CIA’s portion of the AEC’s Nevada Test Site and its use as a base for the nation’s great spy planes, including the U-2 and SR-71. This would be the first time, as far […]

Great Scams in History

All New Electric Car!

Tesla. Fisker. Electric Car Co. of California, Inc. One of these is not like the other.

[Image Credit: x-ray delta one]

Great Scams in History

That’s No Ordinary House

The Allies seem to have been pretty obsessed with diversion and camouflage during WW2. The house you see above is part of that obsession. It is part of the Green Street Bunker built in West End (Townsville), Queensland by the Royal Australian Air Force. Construction of the bunker, located on the outskirts of […]

Great Scams in History

Cocaine and Leeches

Having spent the last day, essentially, in the hospital with my wife I’ve decided that for all the advances in medicine over the last 200 years it still seems like doctors spend most of their time making educated guesses. Oh sure, doctors no longer believe its vapors of decaying plants that cause all […]

Great Scams in History

Electrical Gibberish

electrical_engineering_by_goazilla-d32irgb (1)

This is what electrical engineering looks like to me. In fact, electricity is about as trustworthy and as full of black magic as a gyrocopter. It can’t be trusted, and even electrical engineers don’t fully understand what’s going on inside the wire. Mostly, it’s just hell-induced gibberish. I’m not alone. Reader Batshitbox sent the video after the jump with a tip to turn on the closed captioning for what electricity sounds like to us mechanical, non-voodoo types. I bet if you play it backwards it sends subliminal messages to your brain and causes you to commit your soul to Satan.

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Great Scams in History

Proof The Moon Landing Wasn’t Faked


[Image Credit: xkcd]

Great Scams in History

Unfulfilled Promises

In the world of consumer goods, the practice of pre-announcing is fairly common. A company will announce a product months or even years ahead of its completion with a list of features that fires up the press and potential consumers. It’s a marketing move, and puts the competition on notice. It can also lead to heartbreak.
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Great Scams in History

The Great Moon Hoax

On August 25, 1835 the first of a fantastic series of articles was published. Supposedly written by a Dr. Andrew Grant and published in the Edinburgh Journal of Science, this series of articles claimed Sir John Herschel had discovered a vast array of life on the moon; including unicorns, biped beavers, and furry winged humanoid bats. He did all this from an observatory he had built in Cape Town, South Africa.
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