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Traveling in Timely Style

Today I flew from Detroit, MI to San Francisco, CA. This is a journey that takes between 4.5 and 5 hours, depending on the jet stream, in a Boeing 737. As I strapped myself into the metal tube that would soon be zooming through the air at nearly the speed of sound, I […]

Go-Fast Technology

Fast As Lightning, Designed By Wind

Wind tunnels have been used for aerodynamic research since before airplanes even flew. Carl Richard Nyberg was using a wind tunnel in the late 1800s to design his Flugan. The Wright brothers used a wind tunnel to design the wings of their Wright Flyer. However, this arena of aerodynamic research didn’t affect race car design until the late 1960s.
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Startup: Congratulations to the Killer ZomBees!

ZomBees, as it turns out, really are hard to kill.

After Saturday’s fantastic result against all odds, the Killer ZomBee, AtomicToasters’ quasi-official race car found itself in excellent standing for the second half of the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Dysentery and Effluency, as it turns out, go well together. Who knew?

The […]

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Sparky + Lucas Wiring = Win!

Sparky, the ZomBee, and his Fifth Wheel.

Proving once again that two wrongs CAN make a right, our very own Sparky Pete is currently at the 24 Hours of LeMons: Pacific NorthWorst, and appears to be defying everyone’s expectations, and the very laws of physics. Indeed, the Universe itself is watching in stunned […]

Go-Fast Technology

Seeing Sound

The sound barrier is a funny thing. While sound itself has no mass, as an object moves closer to the speed of sound the compression of the fluid increases immensely. At the point where the sound barrier is broken a shockwave is formed with very high pressure on the leading side and very […]

Go-Fast Technology, Wheeee!!

Hydraulic Face Removal

At this point in the ride, unless you’re at the very top, you just pray that nobody vomits.

Roller Coasters used to come in 2 flavors, Wood and Steel. Both use gravity to pull the ride throughout the layout and for many years after they were introduced were all the same. Up the hill, slowly being

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pulled by a heavy, inefficient chain where it was released to travel the length of it layout. Top Thrill Dragster, at Cedar Point uses gravity, but only for the latter half of the ride. The first half of this 30 second ride uses kinetic energy to get the trains down 480 feet of track and up a ridiculous 420’ hill. Continue reading Hydraulic Face Removal

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Startup: Shiny Side Up

I'm undecided about the "Car of the Future", but I'm firmly in support of the safety systems.

There are a few basic rules that underpin all forms of racing, from LeMons to LeMans. One of the most basic, as the title implies, is that of “Shiny Side Up”. While we may hold a certain nostalgia for the era when sex was safe and racing was dangerous, there is no argument that the invention of the safety roll cage has brought about an enormous improvement in the capabilities of race cars. With that level of safety underpinning modern race cars — and touring cars in particular — drivers are able to take far, far greater risks than they ever could rationally before, even with balls of depleted uranium.

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