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Yakkity Yak don’t fly back



Russian aviation has created some of the more unusual aircraft on the planet but this might just win the ugly award.

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Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass

A jet turbine is a carefully engineered piece of rotating machinery, with close tolerances being essential to safe and efficient operation. Many military and civilian applications of turbine engines, however, require operations in sub-optimal conditions. Sand, dust, and even salt water can impinge on the rapidily rotating blades inside the engine and quickly cause severe erosion.

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Funny that doesn’t look like swamp gas

File:Colour avrocar 59.jpg

Not pictured is the Space Family Robinson waiting to board

That is not a movie prop it’s a real thing. The Jeep of tomorrow was to look very different then the Jeep of the second World War.

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Startup: Let’s Try This Again

I failed gloriously in my efforts to stump the Atomic Toasters Brain Trust and Drinking Team with my LCD-in-Tubes clock, so I’m going to try again. Lower tech this time, hopefully more mysterious. You may have seen one of these at a garage sale or flea market somewhere, and possibly not even the […]

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Startup: It’s Like A Series of Tubes

In an effort to keep milking this Mayan thing as long as possible, I present to you this picture of some tubes. One of the reasons that things like Mayan prophecy get so much play is that so much of their civilization and history has been lost to time. We like to think that […]

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Nuclear Repurposing

When you name your blog after a kitchen appliance powered by nuclear fission, you will occasionally get strange things on the tip line (which is tips at atomictoasters dot com if you have any strange things to tip us on). Most of them are quickly discarded before CardboardTube’s virgin eyes are defiled by the unsavoriness of the suggestion.

Others linger until one of us finally gets off our ass and does something with it.
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Rockets and Cameras and Water, Oh My!

"One day kid, you can be immature like us."

Insanity is fun where you’re surrounded by people who encourage it or supplement it.  My uncle is usually the lead in coming up with stupid ways to injure people around us.  He usually spends as much time building a trebuchet, gigantic bubbles, potato cannon […]

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Stuff From My… Uncle’s Brain

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! My bubbles!

My uncle is a retired school teacher who I believe is spending his retirement trying to mess with the public.  He has built a trebuchet, a potato gun and recently has figured out how to create the largest bubbles anywhere.

When I arrived four timezones away from home, […]

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Lego. Just the mere mention of the word makes geek hearts skip a beat. Imagine the possibilities!

Some people do imagine the possibilities then make them reality. Like, for example, Malle Hawking. He built the above aircraft carrier (the USS Harry S. Truman), complete with crew and plane using 300,000 of the […]

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Creative Geekery

Yeah, I took this.

Ah, vacation time! Time to kick back, drink heavily and sleep late.  Who am I kidding, as a geek we have no ability to slow our brains down.  I have two months off and I’m gearing up for rocking my creative output.

First off, I started a […]