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An Infamous First

The worst nuclear accident in Great Britain’s history happens to be it’s first, and one of the world’s first. Known as the Windscale Fire, it occurred at the Windscale, Cumberland (know called Sellafield, Cumbria) Pile No. 1. Luckily, a system that engineers did not want and deemed unnecessary may have saved the day.

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A Road Runs Through It

Gibraltar is a small British territory mostly known for a rock. It sits at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, and thus has a strategic significance to it that Britain exploited during the second World War by building a small air base for the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. With only a few […]

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Touchscreen In 1986

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Sometimes technology gets ahead of itself. Either the limits of technology or the readiness of the human race for that technology kills off innovation. A perfect example is the 1986 Buick Riviera. Not only was the exterior all roundy and modern looking, but the dashboard featured a touchscreen Graphic Control […]

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The Road to Idiocracy

That is a road atlas. It’s growing extinct and, in the process, humanity is growing dumber.

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Followup Phishing Trip

Don't Bite.

I just got a delightful phone call from a gentleman informing me that he had detected problems with my “Windows Microsoft” computer. Being that we’ve already seen this scam before once, I practically jumped with glee at the opportunity to play with these fraudsters some more.

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The “Whiskey on the Rocks” Incident

Soviet Submarine W-137

Today is to 30th anniversary of an international incident involving Sweden and The USSR concerning a Soviet spy submarine whose captain pushed the envelope a little too hard, and ran aground in Swedish territorial waters just a mile from a Swedish naval base.

Most of you are probably too young […]

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A Poor Excuse…

I considered this a few times.

Greetings, everyone.

I’ve been having a touch of difficulty trying to get today’s article together. My old computer has been getting cranky for a while, showing the signs of the slow heat death that all electronic devices suffer at some point. It occasionally decides not to boot up for the first five or six attempts, then relents and starts up. Maybe all of the USB ports will function, maybe a couple won’t, this time. The final straw was the hard drive starting to make sounds like a card stuck into bicycle spokes, intermittently. That’s always a sure sign of impending death or a reversion to childhood. So, I decided to replace the thrice-damned thing before it spattered its remains across my desk.

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Defective User Error: Cellular Radiation

If only the crazy ones sometimes looked like this… (Image credit:

As many of you know, I work in a car dealership. This means I have the distinct pleasure of dealing with some of the most unique forms of life on the planet. Discovery would have done well filming a documentary on […]