I Need A Clone

In 1996 the worldwide debate on cloning came to a head when it was announced that a Finn-Dorset ewe had successfully been cloned at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. Named Dolly, the sheep became a lightning rod for proponents and opponents of cloning and the ethical issues it raises. Never mind that scientists […]


Turning Night To Day

A good friend of mine took this photo a few days ago. Upon first glance, it looks like possibly an early morning shot. There’s mist on the lake, the sky is a pale blue, and the sun possibly isn’t quite breaching the horizon. Then you see the stars and the mind boggles. It […]


A Date for C3PO

We seem to be on a bit of a C3PO kick this week. Can you blame us? He knows 6 million languages! He can advise you on the proper etiquette for meeting Queen Breha on Alderaan! What more could you ask?

Maybe for him to not be such a whiny, uptight tool. Thus, […]


A Photographic Future

When Techie sent me this photo I knew it had to be used in my photography series. Unfortunately, I failed to find a logical (or slightly illogical) place to use it. So, it’s the lede for today’s post. Which is really just a rehash of some comments in yesterday’s post. It’s Friday; I’m […]


How Well Do You See Color?

This what a perfect score looks like.

We all deal with color every day, mostly on autopilot because that’s all that’s required. But there are times when we need to use our color vision accurately: trying to match paint for your house or cars is a perfect example. And how often to you […]



Oh xkcd. You’re silly.

[Image Credit: xkcd]



That is a Ford 1 Liter 3-cylinder engine about to go through the x-ray at some airport. Now, I know Ford has been cutting costs, but to use an airport x-ray machine to check the casting of the block is…creative. And going a bit too far, methinks.

Our sister site, Hooniverse, has more […]

Brainings, Technostalgia

Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass


Good morning everyone.

Yesterday morning I was reading the various tech blogs looking for ideas to steal interesting articles, I came across an unusual headline on Boing-Boing: “Tobacco Enemas For Everyone!“. I was alarmed for a moment because I didn’t want an enema regardless of what everyone else was doing, especially a tobacco enema. It doesn’t take much nicotine to kill you, around 30mg, the amount typically found in two or three tobacco leaves. It would be a decidedly odd method of death, and one sure to generate lurid headlines.

I wondered briefly if this was an offshoot of the “new teen craze” of imbibing alcohol rectally called ‘butt-chugging’, although from what I’ve read this “new teen craze” has been practiced by “middle-aged weirdos” for some time in order to get drunk extremely rapidly. The MSM news was making an inordinate amount of noise (as usual) about possible fatalities from alcohol poisoning in college kids from butt-chugging, but the only fatality from the practice that I’ve read about occurred in a man in his 40s or 50s (in Alabama I think, but I can’t remember and I won’t look it up) when his wife gave him a wine enema during one of their ‘play’ sessions and he died from alcohol poisoning. There was no mention of the number of wetsuits involved.

The photograph of the apparatus used for the procedure was equally alarming:

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Mathematical Proof


An expression commonly used in mathematics when a complex or imaginary number is changed into a real number.

[Image Credit: Found on George Takei’s Facebook page]


On Curiosity

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Those words from Walt Disney explain perfectly and succinctly why we explore, invent, study, and innovate. Humankind is not a static group, happy with the status quo. We want better. […]